"Our mission is to provide patient-centered, effective, safe, innovative world class reproductive care through our state-of-the-art facilities, which is accessible to all infertile couples in Kerala and to provide highest success rate through our personalized infertility centre and thereby enabling every women who has challenges in conceiving naturally to feel the joy of motherhood."

Providing state-of-the-art reproductive services in a friendly compassionate manner Rusiya fertility & laparoscopy center Healthcare, Fertility and Laparoscopy Centre, is an initiatve by Rusiya Group known for its manifold ventures in India and abroad. Committed to provide quality healthcare solutions with emphasis on infertility treatment, Rusiya shot to fame with a result oriented management and expert medical professionals. Most modern practices in infertility treatment are conducted at Rusiya with the help of state of the art equipments and up to date technological solutions. Rusiya is committed to provide our patients with personalised, innovative, holistic and cost-effective treatment options in their journey towards parenthood. Our dedication and zest towards this mission is reflected in the satisfaction of our patients as a result of our consistently high success rates. Dr V Anand Mohan (BSc,MBBS, MD, DGO), one of the pioneers of Reproductive and Sexual Health in Kerala has been providing world-class fertility treatment to patients within and outside Kerala for the past 40 years. Rusiya Health Care, infertility and laparoscopy centre is the brainchild of Dr Anand Mohan, conceived as the end-point of his extreme interest in reproductive endocrinology and aims to continue his legacy by providing world-class, cost-effective and holistic treatment to all patients. Our combination of of highly experienced infertility specialists an reproductive scientists including Dr V Anand Mohan Bsc, MBBS, MD, DGO, Dr M Revathy MBBS, DNB(OBGY), FNB (REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE), Dr. Arjun Asok MBBS, Master In Clinical Embryology From Monash University, MD Biochemistry and Mr. Arun.M.Nair Msc, Chief Embryologist coupled with the state-of-the-art technology enables us to fulfil our motto to preform: a holistic approach to treating infertility rather than treating a problem. Our doctors and embryologists have years of experience in providing comprehensive services in the entire gamut of gynaecological and infertility treatment and have a long and proven record in achieving high success rates. State-of-the-art embryology services are provided by our team of reproductive scientists who boast years of experience in various IVF centres all over the country. Our well-trained and professional nursing and support staff pride themselves in providing personal and friendly support to all our patients. Our comprehensive fertility services range from routine procedures such as intrauterine insemination to the most modern techniques like intracytoplasmic sperm injection and vitrification of gametes and embryos. The services offered by our team of well-trained and qualified psychologists and social workers is also beneficial to our clients who have difficulty in coping with the psychological impact of the infertility. We also offer comprehensive therapeutic options such as infertility counselling, sex therapy, group therapy and psychotherapies.

WHY Rusiya fertility & laparoscopy center Heath Care

At Rusiya, We understand well that the decision to pursue fertility treatment is never easy. That’s why we consider each of our patients as individuals who are in need of emotional support. Even while we are helping our patients achieve their dream of parenthood, we mould them face the world with renewed vigour and vitality. Rusiya Health Care, with our experienced staff and modern equipment can be your destination for comprehensive services ranging from diagnosing the etiology of your infertility, the step-by-step management of the same and the available options to experience the joy of parenthood. Our clinic offers speciality services in the diagnosis and treatment of male factors of infertility which has always been Dr Anand Mohans forte.


Led from the front by Dr.Anand Mohan, one of the pioneers of reproductive endocrinology in India, Team Susrutha offers world class fertility treatment options to couples of all backgrounds at an affordable cost. Patient satisfaction is our aim and to achieve that, we adopt a patient centred, holistic and individualised approach with our whole team trained to provide an efficient, hassle-free and enjoyable experience.


Department of Reproductive Biology in Rusiya Heath Care houses two full-time reproductive biologists with years of experience under their belts. Aside from handling the routine cases, we conduct various research activities which include (but not limited to) sperm vitrification, oocyte maturation, optimising individual embryo culture conditions and improved vitrification techniques.


Our embryology and andrology lab is equipped with the latest equipment available anywhere in the world. Our labs adhere to ISO 5 clean room criteria which is achieved using modern air handling units and VOC filters. Our lab houses the latest model of micromanipulators, workstations and incubators. Coupled with our well-experienced reproductive biologists, this offers the best chance of survival for your gametes and embryos.


At Rusiya Heath Care, our topmost priority is your comfort. Our friendly and helpful staff is always ready to offer their services. We adopt a transparent approach in all facets of patient care right from all the available treatment options to our prices. Our team of doctors and scientists will keep you updated on every piece of relevant information, alleviating your stress and involving you in every part of decision making. We also offer accommodation and a financial flexibility to pay for all our services.


Ever since its inception, Rusiya Heath Care takes pride in giving our patients consistently high pregnancy rates. Our team has set sky as our limits and is challenging ourselves to improve upon our results.